The Ifriti proprietor of The Sultan's Sigh Tavern (and, later, the Sultan's Sigh Too)


Exiled from his home in the Elemental Plane of Fire, Tariq now resides on Uldrus, exploiting its inhabitants’ indulgence for drink in order to turn a coin. He has an evident contempt for mortals; his use of the term “effendi” to refer to his patrons is sarcastic, to say the least.

He will often speak of the City of Brass—of its fountains that erupted with jets of white, blue, and red flame, of its streets that shimmered and wavered in the heat, its lakes of molten lead, its broad domes and slender minarets. Such nostalgia is usually followed by an angry comparison of the greatest of mortal cities to the most wretched of hovels in his homeland, or disgust at this mortal world that “shits ice from the sky.”

When he isn’t feeling sorry for himself, slinging drinks, or using his innate ability with illusions to disguise bottles of cheap rotgut as fine Dwarven whiskey, Tariq is often luring the patrons of his taverns on with tales of impossible wealth and fame and sensual gratification, and how such things can be granted…if only one wishes for it. He will offer to grant anyone’s wishes, grinning all the while, and asking for nothing in return…except for the satisfaction of watching the suffering of those fool mortals who take him up on his offer.

Tariq appears as a tall human man. He goes naked to the waist, baring chiseled muscles that would be the envy of any statue. His skin is the black of obsidian, and is occasionally broken by patches of glowing cinders that appear to be burning him from inside out, although these inflammations never persist for very long. His body is devoid of any hair. The air around him is ever filled with the scents of smoke and sulfur.


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