The Goddess of Life and Light and Love


NG Greater Goddess

Although Luxis herself is neutral good, she accepts worshipers and clerics of any alignment. Evil followers of Luxis, though rare and certainly misguided, are to be pitied rather than scorned.

Symbol: A white circle contained within a square field of grey. The circle touches the four midpoints of the sides of the square.

Portfolio: Light, creation, the propagation and protection of all living creatures, mercy, charity, hope, love.

Domains: Nearly any. Luxis is believed to have created the universe; Luxis is in all things, and all things are Luxis. However, there are certain aspects that Luxis favors more than others. Many of her clerics choose the Good, Protection, Sun, and Healing domains. Luxis does not grant access to the Evil or Darkness domains, as these are distortions and perversions of her divine benevolence. Nor does she grant access to Vile domains or other domains that are generally the purview of evil persons (Greed, Undeath, etc., although War and Destruction are not specifically excluded).

Cleric Training: Varies by region. The worship of Luxis spread throughout the sunlit lands, and was accepted by nearly all civilized humanoid societies, with each region and culture and people putting its own particular signature on the faith. The clergy of Guia, the (former) center of Luxan worship, endure years of apprenticeship and train for years in seminary schools after that before taking their final vows. On the other hand, becoming a priest of Luxis among the wild elves of the plains can be as simple as feeling inspired, and acting upon that inspiration.

Quests: Again, the vast scope of the Luxan religion necessarily engenders a great deal of variation and subjective interpretation. Clerics of Luxis might view any opportunity to minister to the sick, provide for the desperate, or protect the innocent as a holy quest. Quests to neutralize the threat of evil creatures, especially undead, are common.

Prayers: There are no hard and fast rules for praying within the Luxan faith. A prayer might be shouted, whispered, or sung—indeed, hymns and sacred dances are a particularly popular form of worship, especially in the Empire of the Deathless Sun. The Luxan faithful frequently pray[ed] with their heads turned towards the sun, and their hands open at their sides. One widely-used and easily-remembered prayer with a nearly limitless variety of applications is “Luxis, light my way.”

Temples: Luxan temples range from the great cathedrals of Guia, their mahogany-paneled walls carved with images from the lives of the prophets, to simple shrines made from woven grasses and leaves that might adorn one corner of a herdsman’s hut. Many Luxan temples, however, featured either open ceilings or clear glass windows oriented towards the sun (which, in former days, was fixed in its place the sky, making such orientation a simple thing). Churches were brilliantly illuminated—even the underground churches of the dwarves were filled with artificial white light. Another frequent feature of Luxan churches is the Reflection Room, being a chamber with paneled mirrors on all sides and either access to the sun by means of a light shaft or sconces for torches or candles. A supplicant would enter such a room and be awash in reflected light mingled with images of his own person. In such places would a person pray or seek guidance on a particularly difficult matter. In the absence of a normal cycle of day and night, most Luxan churches also featured mechanical or water clocks to keep track of time, and bell towers to inform the local populace of the passage of time and to summon the faithful to worship.

Rites: The Luxan clergy is typically responsible for officiating marriages, funerals, and births in most communities. As with nearly everything else, there are no universals regarding such ceremonies; they are as simple or as complex as the local people need them to be. While true seasons vanished with the sundering of the sun, the Luxan church still venerates four “seasonal” holidays every year: The Festivals of the First Water, Turned Earth, Sun Fire, and Storm Wind. These are typically observed with parades, dances, feasts, and general revelry.

Herald and Allies: Luxis has no herald. She would not directly intervene in mortal affairs. Free will is the greatest gift that she has given to her children, and to directly manipulate events on the prime material plane would be to rob them of that gift. Allies are light elementals.

Favored Weapon: Unarmed Strike



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