Andre Alexi

A leader of the Mordent armies, who plays with the lives of adventurers as a cat might toy with a mouse.


You wish you had his AC. That’s all I’m going to say for right now.


Andre Alexi is the apparent head of the Alexi family, one of the most prominent and powerful of the Mordent noble houses/corporations. It would seem that Andre commands vast wealth and many thousands of soldiers, although in those moments when he has confronted the adventurers he has preferred to do so without a large escort.

Andre is impulsive and calculating in equal measure, engaging in sometimes inexplicable acts of mercy or being a genial conversationalist to his foes, so long as he knows he has the upper hand. His arrogance is well-justified, though. Lethally fast with his daggers, Andre can and will put a knife through a man’s heart in a second. He has been seen to cut down thirty of his own men in a matter of moments rather than explain his actions to his subordinates. Magic itself seems to fear him and magical effects are suppressed in his very presence.

Such small demonstrations of Andre’s prowess indicate that he could easily kill the entire party if he were so inclined. But even though the heroes are working to subvert the Mordent occupation and have stolen property that belonged to the Alexi family and killed Alexi soldiers, Andre does not seem inclined to pick a fight…yet. He claims to be waiting for when the time is right, and when the heroes can provide him with a true challenge, which is apparently what he craves above all else.

Andre is never without an extensive supply of serrate-bladed combat knives, which he keeps concealed about his person. Ever the exhibitionist, he will often toss a dagger up into the air and catch it on the tip of one finger and leave it balancing there, all without ever looking down at his hands. Despite the relatively small size of his preferred weapons the precision and accuracy of Andre’s attacks make these daggers more effective than a barbarian’s greataxe. He often leaves these souvenirs as a sign of his presence, throwing them into the earth or floor at an adventurer’s feet. The blades are normal combat knives in every respect, and are unique only in that the symbol of a raven with spread wings (the Alexi family crest) has been incised into the base of the knife blade, just above the rubber hilt.

Andre resembles a human male in his mid-thirties with the gauntness and ashen skin typical to a Mordent. He might be considered handsome if such descriptions had any meaning among the undead, except that there is something entirely too calculating and clinical expressed in the lines around his empty white eyes, as if he were vivisecting everyone he sees. He wears his white hair down to his shoulders. He prefers shirts of grey silk and charcoal slacks, and is always wearing a voluminous black cape (which might be something of a fashion faux pas, were it not for the fact that the cloak conceals a pair of black-feathered wings that have been grafted onto his back).

Andre Alexi

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