Frank Shatterstone

Dwarven sheriff with a penchant for drink and firearms.




Frank is a rather unexceptional dwarf, meaning that he has a love for explosions, strong drink, and feats of physical endurance that would be downright ridiculous in a person of any other race.

He first encountered the heroes on the edge of the Dwarven lands. The adventurers were sailing south on their captured Mordent boat, and were drawn to a stop at a border checkpoint. The dwarves had drawn chains all across the mile-wide river, and the dark forms of mines bobbed in the water beyond. Frank rowed out to their boat, proclaimed that they were all in his custody, and proceeded to pilot the boat upriver to its source in the mountain of Drogue. Any objections were met with a meaningful stare, and Frank patting the handles of the twin Peacemaker pistols that he wore holstered on either hip.

In spite of Frank’s gruff manner and his frequent disparaging of elven sexuality (“Once you go elf, you try something else”), and in spite of his difficulty in understanding the party members’ heavily accented common, the party eventually found him to be an adequately amicable companion. Rhyken even went so far as to purchase a traditional dwarven beverage and share a skin of gutshaker with Frank. However, Rhyken did not realize that gutshaker is a drink that is too potent even for most dwarves, so that incident did not go well. While public intoxication was not a crime in Drogue (and was, in fact, encouraged), drunk and disorderly spellcasting and reckless use of fireballs were against the rules, and Frank ended up arresting the halfling magus. Of course, it was all part of Rhyken’s plan to create a diversion…but that’s another story.

Assigned to guard these potentially dangerous foreigners until they received their security clearance, Frank showed them around the best taverns in Drogue. He showed them around the mediocre taverns in Drogue, and a few of the worst taverns in Drogue, too. He was always quick with a cutting barb or a boast about inherent dwarven superiority. He was invaluable in educating the party in matters of dwarven culture, and even showed them how to perform a traditional dwarven apology, which was necessary for these foreigners who were always stumbling over the finer points of dwarven etiquette. The apology consisted of the two parties standing thirty feet apart, and then running at each other full-tilt until they connected in a skull-crushing headbutt. Since this gesture was also a traditional Dwarven greeting, valediction, and expression of affection among Dwarven lovers, this key insight went a long way towards helping the party understand Dwarven society.

Frank did not accompany the heroes down into the Delta Sector, but did go with them on their long train ride out to the Mountain of Forbidden Knowledge. The party members haven’t seen him since, but it can be assumed that he is busy somewhere knocking back tankards, cracking skulls, and talking smack on Elves.

Frank Shatterstone

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