Giuseppe was (is?) a wizard of some stripe, although his exact talents in the realm of the arcane were (are?) something of a mystery. When the party last left him, he had the abilities of a 9th level wizard.


Although he had netted the position of town wizard for Karibe, Magic was an afterthought for Giuseppe, little more than a means to pay the bills. His first love and primary interest were the fields of temporal physics and chronology (and he was no slouch when it came to mechanical engineering, either). Retreating from the chaos that followed the disappearance of the sun and the coming of the armies of undead, he had locked himself inside of his house and chosen to wait it all out, and was surviving by eating summoned monsters. He took no particular interest even in the events within his home town, and was profoundly ambivalent about the brutal rule of the Council in Karibe. All that mattered to him were his studies…and maybe that the town’s head cleric, a longtime friend and mancala partner who was good company even if he did expound too much on matters of faith and intuition instead of accepting mechanical explanations ofr things, had gone missing.

Giuseppe gave the heroes what information he possessed about the situation in Karibe, and helped out on occasion with the casting of an arcane spell or two, but was reluctant to take a more active role than that in assisting the party. Quite atypical for a gnome, Giuseppe was shy and quiet, even averse to socialization. He had none of the enthusiasm and exuberance typical to Gnomish culture, but seemed always distracted, as if lost in his own thoughts. If he did not act directly to remove the Council from power in Karibe, though, he certainly did not oppose the party’s efforts, and his support proved valuable for the party’s stay in that troubled town. Indeed, he was even able to overhaul the dying engine on the party’s captured boat. Without his gift for mechanics, the heroes would known great difficulty in reaching the city of Drogue on foot.

Giuseppe had a deep love of clocks and chronomoters, and such devices cluttered his house, leaving little room for anything else. One clock in particular drew the party’s attention: a circular wall clock with a face of flat black, and the white hands seemingly stuck five minutes away from midnight. Giuseppe claimed that this clock was tied into the very rhythms of the planet, and that it showed the amount of time remaining before the end of the world. The heroes’ overthrow of the council and the cruel mining operations in Karibe pushed the hands of the clock back a few minor fractions of an inch, but other dire events moved the hands relentlessly forward until only a small sliver remained before the tolling of the hour.

Giuseppe’s fate after the arrival of the Mordent forces in Karibe, and the subsequent razing of the town, is unknown.


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