Roth Rrathmal


Roth is regarded by some as “teh bestest monk evar lololololol.” While this is probably not true, he is nevertheless a force to be reckoned with.


The current crisis on Uldrus ripples out and affects worlds far removed from the Prime Material Plane. A more frightening thought is that the current crisis on Uldrus is but one manifestation of an affliction that spans all the planes. Light has been dying everywhere, even in such places as never had suns to begin with, Mordent agents have been spotted in such foreign locales as Sigil and Dis, and even the Plane of Fire has grown a few degrees cooler in recent weeks. It would seem as though the death and darkness that have engulfed Uldrus strike at the very timbre of reality.

Roth was sent out from his home of Limbo to investigate the events occuring on the Prime Material Plane. He arrived by means of a sleek, plane-skimming craft that was quickly intercepted and downed by Mordent fighter planes. The party first found him standing amidst the burning wreckage of his ship, encircled by Mordent who were closing in for the kill. But the bloodless killers had underestimated the power of their living opponent, as they so often do, and they soon found themselves falling to a flurry of bone-breaking elbow slams and skull-shattering kicks. Sensing a potential ally, the party made overtures of peace towards this strange alien, which were reciprocated in kind. Roth had only been on the Prime Material Plane for ten minutes, but he had already figured out who his enemies were.

The Githzerai continued to tag along with the party after that, primarily in his role as “observer” and generally refraining from interfering when the party was threatened. He would sit calmly and crosslegged on the deck of the boat while battle raged all around him, his eyes closed and his soul deep in meditation. When asked, sometimes harshly, why he had not intervened, Roth would simply say that he would have done a disservice to the heroes if he had denied them a chance to grow stronger by testing themselves in combat. While he opted not to lend assistance in battle, he was always available for discussions about philosophy or the history of the future (which is also the past, apparently, according to some incredibly convoluted Githzerai sense of time). He urged the heroes to endure adversity, and in enduring grow strong. This particular bit of advice became its own fulfillment, at least in Roth’s case, as the party members began to effect poor imitations of his gravelly voice and constantly be exhorting Roth to endure, and in enduring grow strong.

Roth was separated from the party in Drogue. While the others were able to get through processing in several days, Roth’s truly alien status prevented him from being granted even a temporary visa in the city. Upon hearing that Roth still languished in a room at the Department of Foreign Affairs, the adventurers negotiated for his release. Roth departed into the frozen wastes surrounding the city, presumably to go off and observe some important thing or another. Since the party members so often seem to be at the nexus of critical events, it is very likely that they will cross paths with Roth again in the future, and torment him by saying “Endure. In enduring grow strong,” over and over and over again.

Roth specializes in a Githzerai martial “art” known as Krav Maga, which emphasizes effectiveness and lethality at the expense of form or artistry. While such a brutal and direct combat style might seem initially at odds with Roth’s otherwise philosophical and reflective take on things, only the winner of a combat is allowed to engage in the luxuries of contemplation and reflection, and thus the goal is to neutralize the enemy as quickly as possible. When fighting (which generally only means sparring with one of the PCs), he keeps his spiked chain at the ready but prefers to close to hand-to-hand range as soon as possible, where he will lash out with crippling hard-bone strikes.

Although Roth’s vague duties as an observer of the Prime Material Plane have separated him from the party on more than one occasion, the party has a certain line of communication open with him. After the destruction of his ship, Roth pulled out a mass of silvery-green gel from within the ravaged hull. He gave some of this to the party, with the instruction to will it to communicate with him. After much experimentation, the party learned that a successful concentration check could temporarily force the shifting liquid metal into a sphere, if only for a moment, and that another mass of the karach metal that Roth had kept for himself would respond in sympathy, regardless of distance. Roth would then send the same signal back from his end. In this way, the heroes check in occasionally with their fellow, and know that he is still out there, somewhere, alive and kicking. Or maybe not kicking at all, but contemplating the essential nature of action. But maybe kicking, too.

Roth wears loose-fitting clothing that does not restrict his movements. He can generally be seen in a dark red hoodie and sunglasses (regardless of the ambient darkness). He is tall and thin, the bones standing out on the planes of his cheeks and on the backs of his hands. His skin a a jaundiced yellow in color and flecked with brown spots, but otherwise he is rather human in appearance.

Roth Rrathmal

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