Cab is the priest responsible for what remains of the Church of Luxis in Guia. In this time of crisis, he does what he can to tend to the spiritual needs of his community—meaning that he supports the party when he can, and tries to look after the sickened and deranged Freith. The other residents of Hopetown, having given themselves over to despair or to nihilistic debauchery, leave the priest alone in the wind-wracked ruins of his church.

Cab has spoken of a time before the coming of the Mordent, when the area that was to become Hopetown was a peaceful place. He would bless the fields of cassava, sugarcane, and yams, and he would look out upon the backs of the cattle that rose above the tall grasses like ships above ocean waves. The community that would be displaced by Hopetown was small and remote, but Cab seems to have taken to his position as the parish priest with a great deal of dedication and determination. The loss of all that has grieved him greatly, but he remains dedicated to helping those in need however he can.

Cab would pass himself off as a beggar if he could. He is a tall man, but he goes about hunched over, and he wears a beggar’s ragged brown robes. His face, though deeply furrowed by care and age, is nevertheless not the face of a beggar but of that of a powerful and dignified man who is a born leader. His voice is slow and grave, and he speaks as though he expects everybody to listen to him, and listen well.

Cab has made only passing reference to his career in Guia prior to his appointment (or, more likely, demotion) to Hopetown, but it would seem that he once enjoyed a position of great authority among the Most Blessed of Guia, only to lose that position and be sent out from the city. Cab has not explained his past at any length, but perhaps his near-prophetic ability to interpret dreams is involved in some way.

The initial meeting between Cab and the party was a rough one. The heroes had entered Cab’s church and were breaking apart the cabinets they found there in order to make wooden stakes. Although rather put-out by this behaviour (especially since he had made the cabinets himself), Cab realized the party’s good intentions, and has since done what is in his power to help the heroes, healing their wounds and tending to the taint of evil that afflicts them, body and soul.


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