Doctor Raskolnikov

The Director of Rodion Laboratories, and a scientist completely bereft of anything resembling a conscience.


The heroes were unable to engage Doctor Raskolnikov in combat (although they really, really wanted to). If they should ever encounter him again (and if he should allow himself to be within range of their attacks, which is highly unlikely) Doctor Raskolnikov’s abilities will be put to the test.

In his “encounter” with the party at the Rodion facility in Guia, he showed himself to be highly intelligent, manipulative, contemptuous, and very cautious. He will not allow himself to be trapped in a physical confrontation, so forcing him into a face-to-face confrontation will be a tremendous challenge in itself.


Doctor Raskolnikov is the founder and lead project director for Rodion Laboratories, a Mordent organization specializing in biological and necrobiotic research. Under Raskolnikov’s direction, Rodion laboratories has produced such horrors as weaponized viruses, terrible new strains of undeath, and the Ender of Life Program. The Ender of Life program deserves special mention, as it transforms captured living humanoids into biological war machines, their flesh warped and twisted to suit the designs of the Rodion overseers, and their minds broken apart through torture and reformed around the drive to kill all living creatures. The Enders of Life that the heroes have encountered in their adventures have been pathetic, disgusting, and frightfully powerful creatures, and ending the Ender of Life program has become a priority in the heroes’ fight against the Mordent.

In their mission into Rodion Labs, the heroes never encountered the Director in person. They knew only his voice, as transmitted through the facility’s loudspeakers. Raskolnikov seemed almost amused by the break-in at first, promising that he would channel the data from the party’s combat with his guards and experimental undead back into the Ender of Life program, and that his pet monstrosities would be all the more efficient killers for it. He became less amused when the party cut the power to the Ender holding tanks, and then proceeded to ransack his office. He took personal offense when the heroes stole the pens in his desk and trashed the expensive coats in his closet. Transmitting now from a helicopter high above the facility, he threatened to blow the whole laboratory apart, forcing the heroes to flee the scene. The adventurers never did hear or see any explosion, so it’s unclear if he was bluffing or if he really did initiate the destruct sequence.

Either way, Director Raskolnikov has surely selected the heroes to be prime candidates for his experiments in the future. As was shown by his willingness to immolate one of his own employees who had helped the adventurers, Raskolnikov is a vengeful man who will not allow himself to be slighted. The heroes should expect recriminations from their attack on the Rodion Labs in the future, and should not expect such recriminations to stop until Raskolnikov is destroyed.

Doctor Raskolnikov

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