A Prophet of Luxis from the distant past, his spirit resides within Atu-Sinda's sword. He guides the young crusader in his fight against evil.


Nar-Suta manifests on the Prime Material Plane as but a wispy outline and a voice. Long dead, he is now a spirit, neither affecting nor affected by the material world except in offering advice to Atu-Sinda.


A.K.A. Utah Sinda

No, not A.K.A. Utah Sinda!

Yes A.K.A. Utah Sinda, whatever Atu-Sinda has to say about it!

Nar-Suta was one of the original Inspired Prophets of Luxis, the only one who happened to be a wood elf. He took the words of Luxis to his people in the only way he understood: with the sword and with the bow. He and his followers violently subjugated those who opposed Luxis’ message of peace and mercy, thus establishing a fine tradition for righteous violence within the Luxan faith that continues to this day. He fought to spread the word of peace for several hundred years before engaging an entire tribe of ogres single-handed and finding them to be quite resistant to his compassionate guidance.

Some two thousands of years later, Atu-Sinda recovered some small fragments of Nar-Suta’s body (specifically a finger-bone). He placed the bone within the hilt of his sword and set about establishing a legacy within the weapon, and channeling the spirit of the long-dead champion through the blade. The connection between the two crusaders only increased when Atu-Sinda developed the skills of an Eternal Blade, which prompted a spectral sending of Nar-Suta to be in constant attendance on his living disciple.

Nar-Suta’s company has been something of a mixed blessing. The spirit has manifested at awkward moments, shouting bloody murder and making completely ineffective (because ghostly) attacks on Sergei, the party’s undead companion. When told that he was acting like an idiot, Nar-Suta responded by saying that “I don’t need intelligence. I have faith.” His disdain for any protracted thought has also showed itself in his favored prayer, which involves chanting Luxis’ name over and over again as though it were the name of a favored sports team.

Though somewhat dismayed by his saint’s moronic antics, Atu-Sinda is still grateful for Nar-Suta’s company, even if nobody else is. After his reincarnation as a wood elf and subsequent religious tendencies, Rhyken too has taken some delight in Nar-Suta’s blustering devotions.


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