Mistress Ambassador Ak'lith Denvirr

The Drow Ambassador to Drogue, and a woman who pulls a great many strings.



Achieving such a prominent position as Ambassador to Drogue must not have been an easy feat. Ak’lith is confident and cunning, and would surely be a terrible opponent if provoked.


It seems slightly ludicrous that the Drow should have an embassy in the city of their ancient enemies, the Dwarves. What could the two races possibly negotiate? The return of the corpses of the slain, or an exchange of prisoners? Conversations between Drogue and Kalyza Dal’Oloth probably started over such matters. Finding themselves locked in an unending stalemate that only served to sap the strength of both sides, the two nations have brokered an uneasy peace. Ak’lith Denvirr is the Drow representative in the capital of the Dwarven and Gnomish nation, and strives to maintain the ceasefire. At least, that’s what she claims. On a day-to-day level, she indemnifies merchants and facilitates trades between her people and the Dwarves and Gnomes of Drogue, with the children of the earth trading their well-crafted arms and newfangled contraptions for delicate silks, exotic spices, and items that verily crackle with arcane power.

Ak’lith is well suited to her position, and achieves a comfortable equilibrium in contrast to the instability that surrounds her. Her manor in the Alpha Sector of Drogue is large and luxurious, and when not meeting with guild leaders or bureaucrats, she prefers to relax in her lush gardens. Filled with fountains, imported ferns, fruit trees, and hybrid flowers of striking color and fragrance, her gardens are a small slice of paradise and provide a beautiful bloom of color deep below the ground. The Mistress claims to have developed the flower cultivars herself, and also that the blossoms make wonderful additions to tea, bringing a stimulating tingle to the lips and the tongue, although one must be very careful about drinking too much at a time.

Her house is staffed by goblin and hobgoblin slaves, all of whom bare her brand burned into their necks, and all of whom exhibit deference and extraordinary discipline. Ak’lith can afford to feel secure in her manner, as the very air around her home is saturated with wards and alarms and other defensive magics, primed to vaporize any unwanted visitors.

When the adventurers have visited her, Ak’lith has been every inch the charming and considerate hostess. She has offered them what help she can in the form of information and using her connections in Drogue. She has asked that the heroes do her some small favors in return for further rewards, but the party has refused her offers…at least in public. Perhaps one or two party members have engaged in clandestine negotiations with Mistress Ak’lith Denvirr, but that wouldn’t be anybody else’s business.

As far as looks go, Ak’lith is average for her race. That is to say she is physically perfect in every way, her form both lithe and muscular. Her looks alone are enough to break the will of most males (and a good many females). She disdains the S&M fashions of her sisters, preferring black cocktail dresses with daring necklines. She often adorns her long white hair with a blossom plucked from her garden. Her eyes burn a deep shade of red. All of this beauty is apparently lost on the dwarves of Drogue, who prefer their women short and stout, and wasted on her household of savage goblinoid slaves. Craving attention and conversation, Ak’lith relishes any opportunity for a tete-a-tete with such strong, experienced types as our heroes.

Mistress Ambassador Ak'lith Denvirr

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