Bizarre creature from outside of space and time, apparently a refugee from the war between Skura and Luxis.



It’s anybody’s guess as to what Jeth’s actual combat abilities would be, just as it’s anybody’s guess as to what actually lies beneath that hood and cloak.

One might hazard that he might posses some kind of nasty gaze attack. One might hazard that he might possess a lot of nasty gaze attacks.

The physical manifestation of Jeth on the Prime Material plane is a mere sending, with but a fraction of Jeth’s true abilities and powers, but with all of his eternal consciousness and vast stores of knowledge gained from existing since before the beginning of time.


Jeth shrouds himself in a heavy robe with sleeves that dangle down over his hands, such that the only part of his body that is exposed is a hole for his face. Whether a result of the deep hood or for some other, less obvious reason, his face is always shrouded in shadow, with his eyes as his only visible feature. And what eyes they are. His eyes shift constantly, not only in color, but also in shape and location. One moment his eyes might appear as relatively normal human eyes, but then he will blink, and his eyes will shift into bright yellow squares higher up towards his forehead, and then those will be replaced by two enormous, multi-faceted red domes on either side of his head, like the eyes of some horrendous insect. The change can come quickly, from second to second, or sometimes he will maintain one set of eyes throughout an entire conversation.

For all that he is obviously alien in nature, Jeth is really rather personable. He enjoys a good conversation, and would much rather speak than fight. When the party first met him, he calmed down the bizarre creature that had nearly wiped out the whole party by merely speaking to it and offering it a hard candy, which it proceeded to crunch with relish. It turns out that Jeth is a good friend of the Thing of Knives, and the two of them share some long and no doubt bizarre history together. There is something almost

When asked, Jeth stated that he was a refugee from the war between Luxis and Skura that began with the beginning of time. Refusing to choose a side in the conflict, he and the Thing of Knives had spent the subsequent thirteen billion years wandering in exile, damaged messengers for the marginalized Lord of Dawn’s Twilight.

In their shared eternity of misfortune, Jeth and the Thing of Knives have developed a strong bond that. Jeth looks out (quite literally) for his blind companion, guiding the knives that might otherwise lash out in random violence. He also cares for the Thing of Knives as he might care for a sick child or a sick spouse, indulging the Thing of Knives with candy or objects of varying textures and densities that the Thing can tumble about in his knife-fingers. In turn, it seems that Jeth relies almost entirely on the Thing to manipulate physical objects for the both of them. Jeth relies on the Thing of Knives emotionally, as well, and the two malformed angels draw support from each other’s presence.


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