Master of Ceremonies

The announcer at the Arronax Amphitheater. Enjoys gardening, long walks on the beach, and describing acts of violence in graphic detail.


The M.C. is probably a bard, or maybe an expert who specializes in oratory and inflammatory rhetoric.


The Master of Ceremonies is the man responsible for managing the Arronax Amphitheater in Hopetown, and also for providing the over-the-top introductions and play-by-plays for the gladiatorial bouts therein. His voice is deep and rough, but is lightened somewhat by an excessive enthusiasm that comes into play whenever he is presiding over a fight. His demagoguery is much beloved by the crowd, and he has developed a strong following in his own right among the audiences at the arena.

The Master of Ceremonies is a striking figure, tall and dressed in fine robes of gold and scarlet. He has the outward appearance of a king, but this illusion is betrayed by his cringing posture, his crass love of bloodsport, and his staring, starving eyes.

One of his most popular stock phrases, and the lead-in that he uses before every fight is “Some come for the gold. Some come for the glory. Some come simply for a taste of the gore. Tonight, for your entertainment, the sands of the pit shall run red with new blood. Welcome to the Arronax Amphitheater. Let the combat begin!” This spiel never fails to incite a riotous response from the crowd, and the audience shows its enthusiasm by flinging hot dogs and drink cups down upon the gladiators in the pit below.

Master of Ceremonies

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