Freith Falath

Diseased and emotionally damaged, Freith finds a palliative in the ecstasy of violence.


Rogue 7/Swashbuckler 5

Small Humanoid (Whisper Gnome)

Neutral Evil

Follower of Luxis

3’4”, 41 lbs

Grey skin, blue “eyes”, brown hair

Init +8, Speed 30

Str 11 Dex 26 (22) Con 16 Int 13 Wis 13 Cha 8

HP 90

BAB 10, Grp 6

Iendin +25 d3+11 (+8d6 sneak, +1 Insightful Strike)

Full Attack (Fighting Defensively)

Iendin +21/+16 d3+d6+11 (+8d6+1)

Iendin and Mikkdin +19/+19/+14/+14 d3+d6+11(+8d6+1)

Cold Iron or Silver Daggers +13/+13/+8/+8 d3+d6+8 (+8d6+1)

Composite Longbow +13/+8 d6

Fort +10, Ref +14, Will +8 -1 vs. fear, +2 vs gaze attacks

AC 23 (+8 Dex, +2 Bracers, +1 size, +1 Ring, +1 Skin)

Touch 20, FF 23

When Fighting Defensively: +5 dodge bonus, +4 shield bonus when wielding two weapons

Dodge Bonuses vs Single Target: +1, increasing to +4 vs Medium or larger targets, +2 (Swashbuckler)

Assuming Freith is fighting defensively, using both daggers, and using her dodge bonus vs. a medium or larger target:

AC 38, Touch 31, FF 38; vs all other targets 32/25/32

Balance 16, Bluff 0, Disable Device 17, Escape Artist 23 (+4 vs ropes or webs, +1 to escape grapple), Hide 30, Jump 2, Listen 14, Move Silently 23, Search 15, Spot 17, Tumble 23

Racial Traits/Class Features:

Uncanny Dodge I (No FF), Trapfinding, Evasion, Insightful Strike, Dodge Bonus +2, Grace +2, Sneak Attack 6d6, Darkvision 60 (90), Penetrating Strike (Do 1/2 sneak damage vs. flanked target normally immune to sneak attacks, as long as target can be flanked)


TWF, TW Defense, Daring Outlaw, Imp. TWF, Imp. TWD, Martial Study: Cloak of Deception (Swift action, 1/encounter inmp. invisibility until end of turn), Martial Stance: Assassin’s Stance (+2d6 sneak damage), Shadow Blade, Dodge, Titan Fighting, Deadly Defense, Weapon Finesse

Flaws: Shaky, Poor Reflexes

Traits: Plucky, Detached, Cautious, Slippery

Severe Corruption (24 Points)

Dead Eye (Roll Miss Chance Twice due to concealment),

Paralyzed Face (+1 to bluff, -1 to all other Cha checks),

Lich Eyes (30 ft darkvision, light blindness)

Severe Depravity (24 Points)

Crazed (When surprised, must charge or flee)

Jittery (Panicked when hit while FF)

Craven (Always fight defensively)

Languages: Common, Gnome, Undercommon

Posessions: Two +3 Shadow Hand Daggers (Iendin and Mikkdin), Thistledown Padded Armor, +4 Gloves of Dexterity, +1 Ring of Protection, Netcutter Armor Spikes, MW Thieves’ Tools, Everlasting Ration, Composite Longbow, 20 arrows, Backpack, Waterskin, Bedroll, Winter Blanket, Winter Outfit, 6 Cold Iron daggers, 8 Alchemical Silver daggers, engagement ring, 2 taint absorbing talismans, Deftstrike Bracers of Armor +2, Skin of the Defender +1, goggles, Cloak of Resistance +2, 7500 GP


A defining moment of Freith’s life would be the recent loss of her fiance, Caedo. In her grief and her blind denial, Freith has suffered something of a breakdown—and now, in this new age where the sicknesses of the soul are made manifest in the flesh, her body has degenerated along with her mind. Rather than succumb completely to despair, though, Freith would draw strength from her afflictions, and use her dark gifts to strike back against the Mordent, whom she blames for Caedo’s disappearance. Her condition has gone beyond the point of divine healing; the only balm she knows now is to lose herself in the rapture of violence.

Whether Caedo was lost in a Mordent attack or to exposure or starvation is unclear. Freith herself doesn’t seem to know. It seems just as likely that Caedo abandoned Freith on account of her progressive degeneration as anything else. Freith spends most of her time in reverential memories of her vanished betrothed, whispering his name and talking about his bright smile and rubbing at the engagement ring on her left hand. The gold ring has become blackened and tarnished from constant abuse, but Freith doesn’t seem to notice. One of the few things that can stir her from this trance would be talk of Luxis, which she echoes in an overly-loud and overly-enthusiastic voice. Her contributions to any conversation about Luxis tend towards the violent mutilation of Luxis’ enemies. The only other things that can motivate her is the threat of imminent danger. She seeks out traps and enemies with a paranoid determination, and engages in combat with an eerily childish delight.

Apparently Freith was a caravan guard before the world ended, protecting merchants and travelers from the depredations of bandits and assassins.

Being a gnome, Freith is the size of a normal human child. Her similarities to a child make the discrepancies all the more disturbing. Her eyes have wasted away, leaving only a dim blue light glowing at the back of her empty sockets. Her lips, too, have shriveled, leaving her yellowed teeth permanently exposed in a rictus grin. She wears dark goggles over her eyes to hide her affliction (and also to protect her from bright light, which as become intolerable to her), and a cloth mask over her naked teeth. The corruption has left her hair intact, however, and when the party is at rest she will lavish attention on combing through her dark brown curls—perhaps knowing that her hair is her last vestige of beauty.

Freith Falath

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