Traveling Bodyguard Cleric



Male human cleric 10

LN Medium humanoid

Init +0; Senses: Listen +0, Spot +0

Languages: Common, Celestial, Infernal

AC: 31, touch 11, flat-footed 21 (+12 armor, +7 shield, +1 natural, +1 deflection)

hp: 84

Fort +12, Ref +3, Will +13

Speed 15ft. (3 squares) / w/ Longstrider 30ft. (6 squares)

Melee: armor spikes +2/-3 (1d6+1)

Base Atk +6; Grp +5

Special Actions: Turn Undead 3/day; Spontaneously Cast Cure spells and Restoration spells; Healing pool (55 hp); Freedom of Movement 10 rounds/day

Cleric Spells Prepared (CL 10th):

5th – Revivify (CL 11), Rapid Summon Monster V, Spell Resistance (CL 11) (Protection Domain)

4th – 2 Rapid Summon Monster IV, Summon Monster IV, Dimension Door (Travel Domain)

3rd – 2 Summon Monster III, 2 Dispel Magic (CL 11), Fly (Travel Domain)

2nd – 2 Summon Monster II, 2 Close Wounds (CL 11), Make Whole, Shield Other (CL 11) (Protection Domain)

1st – Remove Fear, Protection from Evil (CL 11), Detect Undead, Resurgence, Summon Monster I, Long Strider (Travel Domain)

0th – Create Water, Detect Magic, Light, Read Magic, Resistance (CL 11), Purify Food and Drink

Deity: Luxis. Domains: Travel, Protection.

Abilities Str 13, Dex 10, Con 16, Int 14, Wis 19, Cha 10

Feats Spell Focus (Conjuration), Augment Summoning, Protective Ward, Rapid Spell, Touch of Healing, Metamagic School Focus (Conjuration), Steady Concentration, Augment Healing, Tower Shield Proficiency

Flaws Non-combatant, Shaky, Feeble, Inattentive

Skills Diplomacy +13, Spellcraft +15, Concentration +14, Heal +9, Knowledge(Religion) +8, Knowledge(The Planes) +15, Knowledge(Geography) +3



Garon, being a cleric covered from head to toe in Mechanus gear armor, may often be mistaken for a small iron golem. His skin is very pale from the lack of exposure to light, but very few realize this as his face is rarely revealed. His armor has the holy symbol of Luxis edged in at the shoulders, and spikes jutting out at the elbows and knees. Although Garon never hits anything with these spikes, it is not because he’s a pacifist, it’s because he has absolutely no training in physical combat. His attempts to threaten foes with them are futile, but still distracting. He can often be seen carrying a massive adamantine tower shield with Luxis’ symbol displayed on the center, scratched and fading from battles endured. Again, with no combat training, Garon can only clumsily carry the shield, staggering under its weight. Only recently has Garon taken the time to familiarize himself with his shield, finally understanding the proper method for wielding such a defensive tool.

Garon began his career as a devout worshiper of Luxis, pleased to offer his unwavering service to his God and the city of Guia. He served as an escort for those traveling across the dangerous lands of Uldrus, conjuring celestial beings and healing companions. It was shortly after returning to Guia that the Mordent had launched their first assault, and Garon had used his best magic to shelter the few that he could from their attack. But there was little that his celestial animals could do to help, so he resorted to evacuating the citizens to the only spot still secure from the Mordent, the underground territory belonging to the followers of Orvone.

At first, Garon feared these “cultists” would poison him figuratively and literally, in both their words and the water they offered him. Garon had known very little of Orvone’s children, other than the propaganda fed to him by Guia’s church of Luxis. Once they had both gotten past their mutual fear of each other, Garon had found them very accepting and good hearted. During these troubled desperate times, Garon found that you can’t be picky about your allies. He found himself troubled less and less about the finicky details of how he did things or whose help he accepted, as long as they reached a greater good in the end. This became Garon’s new philosophy on life as he dedicated himself to stopping the Mordent in the name of Luxis and all life on Uldrus.

After spending much time studying the other planes, and aiding the refuges in holding strong against the infiltrating forces, Garon finally gained access to divine magic powerful enough to transport him to other planes. Bidding farewell to his new found Orvone friends, Garon ventured on a journey with a group of adventurers to find allies powerful enough to stand against the Mordent.

In short, they were unsuccessful. After many disastrous trips to many different planes, the party’s desperate attempt to gain aid from the Abyss proved to be their worst idea yet. Had Garon not been the only survivor, he would still be saying, “I told you so.” In Garon’s “daring” escape to the Material plane, he found himself on a Mordent ship! Fortunately for him, this ship had been hijacked by another group of adventurers. And this is where Garon joined the current party.


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