A halfling reincarnated as a wood elf, Rhyken seeks knowledge and lore, and now reveres Luxis


1 sorcerer, 4 wizard, using practiced spellcaster to give 4 bonus caster levels to sorcerer. becomes an ultimate magus, and has achieved 6 levels in it thus far, and is currently a 10th level wizard (effectively) and 5th level sorcerer. Arcane Thesis: Magic Missle + fell drain, empower, and eventually maximize, quicken, repeat, twin, etc…


Rhyken found himself a usual halfling and yet an oddity at the same time; his lust for adventure was only rivaled by his lust for knowledge. With a gift for magic at a young age, Rhyken nurtured both his spontaneous spell-casting with expertise in educated arcane spellcasting. In his younger travels, he found Magic Missle’s reliability to be unrivaled, and ended up focusing his training in it.

Eventually, he met up with Atu-Sinda and pals in the town of Karibe. They fought together to save the innocents, and for the first time Rhyken found himself seeking to do good for others.

In the company of Atu-Sinda, Rhyken made his first true, tested companion, and also found a vestige of Luxis that he could hold fast to.

Lastly, Rhyken’s good friend Sergei, the rogue mordent, deserves mention. A valuable and loyal ally, his skill in combat rarely matched, his loss shall be forever mourned by his allies—by his friends. He is proof that hope can be found anywhere.


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